Wide array of characteristics make Inoac products applicable and most useful to a wide array of industries from automotive, construction, medical, packaging to electronics and other consumer applications.


Chief predetermined design behavior was incorporated into the product to predict performance according to desired outcome.


Inoac materials and products have special characteristics diligently researched and developed to meet specific needs of our customers. Innovation is the key to continuing success of Inoac products.


SINCE 1926, INOAC began as a manufacturer of bicycle tires and tubes. Since then, INOAC Group has become an international conglomerate and general supplier of various products made of polyurethane, rubber, plastic and new materials over the years. INOAC CORPORTION was the first to develop and market urethane foam in Asia. Today after over 80 years of ingenuity and more than 30 manufacturing facilities worldwide, INOAC has grown to encompass a great diversity of production lines including over 300 foam types developed in response to the evolving needs of various industries. Today it has developed into a conglomerate, supplying diverse products and services, thereby contributing to society. We create innovative products in a unique, free thinking and energetic environment.

Based on our global network and alliance, we create new value though offering new products which make use of our capabilities of material development, product development and process expertise in the fields of automobile, information technology, housing and construction and infrastructure.

INOAC MALAYSIA founded on over 10 years of growth and expertise in the foam industry is one of the leading foam suppliers in Malaysia and is the largest supplier and marketer of full range automotive, industrial and commercial foam products in Malaysia. Our aim is to continuously develop and deliver the latest and world class standard sustainable products.



 No 4, Jalan Riang 21, Kawasan Perindustrian
Taman Gembira, 81200 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

 + 607 - 333 4088 / 1182 / 2248

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