What is Melamine Foam?

Melamine foam is a flexible foam made from melamine resin. Melamine foam has an unique characteristics and high flame resistance by melamine resin attribution and fine cell structure. In addition melamine foam is extremely light weight and superior in fabricating performance,therefore it can be applied to various applications


1. Low weight

Density 6±2~ 9±2 kg/m3

2. Flame retardant

UL94 V-0 Pass (Basotect® G , G+ , TG , UF)

A-A combustion test for railway vehicle material in Japan t40mm Pass(Basotect® G、flame resisting)

FMVSS302 Pass(Basotect® G), Click here ! State of the combustion.

3. Thermal insulation・Sound absorption

Melamine foam has thermal insulation・sound absorption by fine cell structure

4. Heat endurance

Max240 degree, Safe use temperature150 degree

5. Water absorption

Melamine foam has water absorbability by capillary phenomenon.

Water repellency grade are available by special treatment.

*「(R) is a registered trademark of BASF SE」

Water repellency grade are available by special


Consumer Applications

Polisher for Industrial Use

Cleaning Roller for Office Equipment

Thermal Insulation

Rice Cooker, Electric Pot

Microwave Oven

Washing Machine with Dryer

Low Weight, Flame retardant

Acoustic Insulation for Headliner and Wall of Bullet Train.

Sound Absorption


Acoustic for Cash Dispenser

Acoustic for Automotive Engine Compartment


Fabricated products lineup made out of Basotect® .

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Products Name Color Characteristics and Applications
V-3012 white For Consumer Applications , Miscellaneous Goods
W bright white Obtained Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 ClassⅡ※, For Consumer Application
G grey Industrial Materials , Less stain
G+ light grey Obtained Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 ClassⅡ※, For Industrial Materials
TG dark grey For Thermoformed Application , Suitable for Automotive Applications
UL yellow For Aircraft Construction , Ultra Light Weight
UF dark grey Low Weight , High Elasticity and Fire Proof Properties suitable for railway cargo , building and construction applications.
RENBLOCK grey Water repellency grade by special treatment of Basotect®G. Suitable for applications requires water repellency. (ex. home electrical appliance, rice cooker, electric pot.)

※Oeko-Tex® Standard 100・・・Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is a globally uniform testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production. This is the standard to prevent health damage in textile and clothing.

Product Dimensions

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Specification V-3012,W,G,G+,UL,UF TG RENBLOCK
Thickness 5~400mm 5~400mm Fabricated Products Only
Width 1250mm 1320mm Fabricated Products Only
Length 1200mm 1200mm Fabricated Products Only

( Notice )

The products are imported (made in Germany)which may be limitation with domestic inventory. Upon applying please forward us the information inprior.We fully appreciate your kind cooperation in advance. (Import leadtime : Approx 3 months)

Sound Absorption

JIS A1405 / ISO 10534-2 Sound absorption coefficient at normal incidence



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